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Why UGI?

We're Your ID Grinding Experts

UGI has been providing superior vertical and horizontal inside diameter, or ID grinding* services in north central Connecticut since 1984. Our shop is a climate controlled environment, which is critical for consistent, precise ID grinding results.  We're capable of ID grinding any metal, including ferrous and non ferrous, coated or not to .0001". 

We Can Handle Your Larger ID Grinding Needs

We are one of the few precision ID grinders in the region that can handle your larger parts. We are equipped to work with parts as large as 70" in diameter and up to 40" tall. 

Not only can we comply with all specifications and tolerances, but we can do so in a timely manner, ensuring that you meet your deadlines.

Get Your ID Grinding Needs Met Fast

​While many ID grinding services in the region can have you waiting for 6 to 8 weeks or longer to turn around an order, we can typically get your order completed much faster, and at a more competitive price. In fact, we can make your emergency our emergency. If you have an expedited order need, contact us today to see how fast we can get you your order. 

FAA Repair Station

United Grinding, Inc. is a FAA repair station, located in north central Connecticut. That means we can handle the ID grinding needs for your aviation/aeronautical requirements. Learn more about being and selecting an FAA repair station.

Let Us Help With Your ID Grinding Needs

Whether you have one part or thousands, we're here to help you with all of your ID grinding needs. Call us today at 860-528-6606 or email is at for a quote. We believe you will find us to be one of the fastest, most cost effective ID grinding services available! The best part is we're family owned and operated so if you have questions, you can talk directly to the owners to get your answers!


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*ID grinding is also referred to as inside diameter grinding, or internal diameter grinding...

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